Prop 420 is on the Ballot!

By August 17, 2018 August 19th, 2018 Prop 420 Scottsdale

The signatures were counted and Prop 420 is on the ballot for Scottsdale in the 2018 election. A “yes” vote will essentially have the effect of forcing any developments beyond trailheads, trailhead facilities and trails to go to a public vote. The power that some on the Scottsdale city council think they have will be officially given to the people of Scottsdale. Council members that are fighting against Prop 420 are Linda Milhaven, David Smith and Virginia Korte. None of these people deserve to be Scottsdale public servants. They only work to fill their own greed and egos.

A new council candidate, Solange Whitehead, is working to pass Prop 420 and working in other areas of city to keep Scottsdale special and free of special interests. Kathy Littlefield is also continuing her support for the Preserve and Prop 420 and deserves to be reelected. The other candidate, I can’t even remember his name, is kind of a dotard and waffles on Prop 420 depending on the audience.

In summary, vote for Solange Whitehead and Kathy Littlefield and that all.

An also remember #YESprop420

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