YES PROP 420 or NO PROP 420?

By September 3, 2018 Prop 420 Scottsdale

Yes Prop 420 or No Prop 420? Protect OUR Preserve or Protect YOUR Preserve? Good questions but the answer is obvious. Prop 420 makes a small but critical change the the city charter and requires the city to put to a public vote anything besides trailheads, trails and trail maintenance. Some city council members and developers were trying to push through the Desert Edge (Desert Discovery Center) and get it built in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. We asked for it to go to a public vote. They denied the citizens’ request. So volunteers for the citizen group, Protect Our Preserve, went out and gathered 37,000+ signature to force Prop 420 be put on the ballot.

But the developers who want to build in the Preserve are trying to confuse voters. They started a group called Protect YOUR Preserve. They are trying to get people to vote no prop 420 so they can build whatever they want in the Preserve. They’re deceptive, greedy and should not be trusted.

If built, the Desert Edge is going to cost Scottsdale tax payers $68M to build and $5M each year to keep open. Even though they want to charge $50 per person to enter the Desert Edge, it’s projected to lose money every year.

Jan Dolan, the disgraced former city manager of Scottsdale, is heading up Protect YOUR Preserve/no prop 420 and this group of corrupt council members and developers.

We want to keep the McDowell Sonoran Preserve free of development and free for all to enjoy. Vote #YESprop420

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  • amy newman says:

    I grew up hiking the mountains, in and around Phoenix, and am appalled at the rate of which our natural trails are getting taken over by government entities!
    Recently all my trails were closed, with signs added, ‘Don’t be a Trailblazer’. These are established trails! Not only that, but there is now maintenance cost for a bathroom and trail head facility that serves no purpose. They didn’t even put water in! If they would have taken the cost that was used to add a ‘sidewalk and landscaping’ (ruining the natural beauty), and put in water for hikers (more important than landscaping IMHO), we all would be better off and maybe even safe a life.
    Now the city is adding metal pole fencing everywhere to keep hikers off the trail and route them to the bike path. So weird and expensive and a waste of money! I actually purchased my home to hike these trails nearby, and now I am forced to move, since they closed all the good trails and ‘CREATED’ new ones for bikers. I’ve actually contemplated suing the city over this, it’s heartbreaking.
    Please government, just leave the desert, hikers and nature alone please. Its scaring the animals, humans included!
    How can I help?

  • Cathy Aydelott says:

    A museum about the desert … ON the desert?! Insane.
    YES on prop 420!

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